Mog Library

An elegant yet simple version control solution for source art files.

The Mog Library is a simple yet elegant version control solution without an overly complicated programmer-centric interface. Built specifically for the version control of binary data, artists will find this a refreshing alternative to other solutions currently available on the market.

Artists simply need to run the client installer on the machine they wish to use, then connect to the team server and they are ready to go. Mog Library has proven to be quite scalable for a number of various projects.

Feature Mog Library
Check-out/Check-in Style Asset Management
Convenient Edit/Edit With Buttons
Artist Friendly Interface
Live Status Indicators
Tree Level Asset Control
Asset Rollback
Asset and Tree Level Locks
Auto-Thinning Repositories
Multi-Project Support
Batch Asset Importing
Branch Support
Command Line Support
$15/month per seat

The Mog Library offers immediate feedback to artists showing them who is working on each asset and why. Using a simple checkin/checkout paradigm artists can quickly interact with their binary files and avoid the delays associated with a full sync.

Furthermore, artists can quickly generate interactive reports for tracking recent project changes.

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