FileHamster provides many helpful tools to assist developers in performing common tasks. Bundling these tools at a discounted price just seemed like the next logical step. Now you get all the features of FileHamster +Plus combined with the FTP Plugin, the Report Plugin and the Script Plugin.

With these powerful tools you can more easily manage a website and all of it's assets, effectively organize and backup code for a project or automatically change assets with an application using a script.

Boost your productivity, only $24.95

Key Features Include:
  • FTP Upload
  • Editing Scripts Within FileHamster
  • Enhanced network and removable drive support
  • Offline libraries
  • Reports for Specified Time Spans
  • Full UNC support
  • Adjust SubFolder properties within a watch



One-Click FTP

Configurable Blackouts

Delayed trigger states


USB and LAN support

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