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Mogware Collada.Net COLLADA DOM Fcollada
Open-source ? Yes Yes
Language C# C++ C++
Basically an obtuse XML parser No Yes No
Provides classes to work with models in RAM Yes Not really ?
Targeted modeling software MogBox None Max, Maya, MotionBuilder
Can be used as an exporter Yes, with Mogbox No Yes, with ColladaMax, ColladaMaya, ColladaMotionBuilder
Can be linked into programs as a library Yes Yes Yes
Supports complete COLLADA Spec No Yes Almost Completely
Has a premium version No No Yes
Website www.collada.org www.feelingsoftware.com
Platforms supported Windows Windows, Mac, Linux, PS3 Windows, Mac, Linux, PS3
Supports SnappyXML and SnappyBinary No No Yes, with premium purchase
Has people working on it No probably for each new release Yes
Can load multiple versions of Collada with same binary Theoretically No, limited to current spec Yes
Used in commercial game engines No ? Yes, Epic Games, Sony, EA Maxis, Activision, Double Fine