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Animation Constructor (frame0, output0, frame1, output1)
NamespacesCollada.AnimationsAnimationAnimation(Single, KeyframeOutput, Single, KeyframeOutput)
Creates a new Animation object with 2 keyframes
Declaration Syntax
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public Animation(
	float frame0,
	KeyframeOutput output0,
	float frame1,
	KeyframeOutput output1
Public Sub New ( _
	frame0 As Single, _
	output0 As KeyframeOutput, _
	frame1 As Single, _
	output1 As KeyframeOutput _
	float frame0, 
	KeyframeOutput^ output0, 
	float frame1, 
	KeyframeOutput^ output1
frame0 (Single)
tick for the beginning frame
output0 (KeyframeOutput)
animation value for the beginning frame
frame1 (Single)
tick for the end frame
output1 (KeyframeOutput)
animation value for the end frame

Assembly: Collada (Module: Collada) Version: (