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SubsumeTree Method (secondTree, nameMap)
NamespacesCollada.SceneNodeSubsumeTree(Node, Dictionary<(Of <(String, String>)>))
Takes a second tree and adds all of its nodes into this tree.
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual BasicVisual C++
public void SubsumeTree(
	Node secondTree,
	Dictionary<string, string> nameMap
Public Sub SubsumeTree ( _
	secondTree As Node, _
	nameMap As Dictionary(Of String, String) _
void SubsumeTree(
	Node^ secondTree, 
	Dictionary<String^, String^>^ nameMap
secondTree (Node)
Tree to subsume
nameMap (Dictionary<(Of <(String, String>)>))
Keeps track of ids that are being remapped
If the first tree has node with id=hip and name=hip, and the second tree has a node with id=hip1 and name=hip, The nameMap will include an entry for hip1->hip and no new node will be added to this tree. If there is no node in the first tree with a name matching that of the node from the second tree, the node from the second tree will be added to the first tree at the current level in the scene graph.

Assembly: Collada (Module: Collada) Version: (